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Project Sparx provides advisory, consulting, and operational resources for emerging ventures and start-ups seeking to increase its odds of success in commercializing its business, brand, and products. We specialize in helping tech centered companies - hardware, software, services, and/or data - prepare for B2B or B2C market entrance, launch new products, or transform their business.


Consumer Technology • Sports Tech • Wearables • Fitness, Health, & Wellness • 

Media • Gaming • Entertainment • Hospitality & Travel • Marketing Platforms • More

Functional Specialties

Strategy & Planning • Product Management • Marketing • Business Development •

Sales (B2C, B2B) • Business Operations • General Management • More


Planning: Strategic, Resources, Go To Market • Business Models • Product Launches • 

Partnerships • Sales • Crowdfunding • Marketing Campaigns • Pitches • More 

The Project Sparx approach is akin to the combustion triangle: We take the creator's fuel (product: valued by a defined audience that is willing to pay) and apply oxygen (planning: resources, go-to-market,

operational readiness) and heat (performance: processes, presence, partnerships, executional excellence) which creates the critical spark

...which we then harness into a sustained fire.

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